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Senior Embedded Hardware Engineer

  • Bangalore
  • 1

What to Expect:

The candidate would be responsible for carrying out detailed spec requirement based on functionality, translating spec into actual system requirement and implementation. Based on this candidate would also be required to work on selecting right components like FPGA, Micro-Controller, Memory ICs, Driver ICs, Interface designs, ADC/DAC components. Candidate is expected to work out detailed schematic implementation with this. Knowledge of PSPICE or equivalent to validate functionality is essential. Candidate is required to have sound knowledge of PCB layout concepts and requirement for high speed communication interface like USB, Ethernet as well as DDR communication to work with PCB layout engineer for PCB design. Candidate would be required to work on Firmware aspect in case of Microcontroller and expected to have basic RTL (VHDL/Verilog) knowledge in case of FPGA based implementation for system development. The candidate is expected to carry out the board bring up, debug and production support activity. The candidate is also expected to come up with schedule and track it from start to end for the project assigned to him or her.

Mandatory qualifications:

  • Strong fundamentals in Digital Electronics Design.
  • Sound knowledge of FPGA or Microcontroller based designs.
  • Good understanding of PSPICE based functionality simulation and validation.
  • Skilled with Schematic Design tools.
  • Very good understanding of PCB layout design for high speed interface based systems.
  • Essential to have understanding of firmware and programming with firmware.
  • Ability to convert requirements into design.
  • Ability to start development from scratch.
  • Willing to carry out development activities following essential development standards.


  • BTech (BE) or MTech (ME) in Electronics or Electronics and Communication.


  • Desired Experience: 4-6 years.


Knowledge of :

  • RTL based FE design.
  • ARM based system design.
  • Camera System design.
  • System design with various sensors like Accelerometer, Compas, Gyroscope etc.