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Optimized Electrotech Private Limited

Infivision utilizes high resolution sensors to capture the data available to produce high quality images at long distances. With our twin mirror technology, we provide excellent detailed images even at Low Light conditions. Infivision is a rugged, precise and cost effective solution for Long Range Surveillance in Low Light Conditions. It has applications in Border Surveillance, Critical Asset Protection and Airport Security.

Thermal imaging uses cameras that “see” heat instead of light. This passive technology can be used in complete darkness without the need for an illuminator, making NoctVision an extremely covert and versatile solution. NoctVison is immune to change in light conditions, allowing it to see consistently 24x7. NoctVision is a critical solution for our active borders, critical assets, and Perimeter Surveillance

MistVision is the next gen surveillance technology which enables Fog and Smoke Penetration, making it a unique solution for geographies that have this problem. High altitude Borders, and active borders have immense application for MistVision. MistVision can also prove to be a critical asset for Perimeter Surveillance of industries with heavy smoke expulsion.

Our systems are designed to be deployed 24x7 with as less human intervention as possible. However, changing weather conditions may render a surveillance system unusable. ClearVision can overcome adverse weather conditions to provide crisp and detailed imaging. Mist Vision produces results which will not be possible with conventional Surveillance Systems. MistVision is the go-to platforms for geographical conditions expecting a lot of weather change such as Coastal regions, and on Sea faring vessels.

The ultimate solution for any Surveillance requirements. Omnivision is the most sophisticated product for Long Range Surveillance in all weather or light conditions. The system provides high contrast images for post processing and analyzing 24x7 365 days of the year. Its thermal capabilities allow it to capture images even in zero light conditions, enabling a 24-hour operation. The combined capabilities make this system the most comprehensive solution for all Long-Range Imaging applications. Based on the varying light or weather conditions, the system automatically adjusts image processing to get the most optimum output. Omnivision has applications in Border Security, Perimeter Surveillance, Critical Asset Protection, Port Security, Vehicle Mounted Surveillance among many more.


Optimized Electrotech Private Limited

Image Processing

We have a dedicated expert team for Image Processing. We can provide services such as:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Custom Image Processing Algorithm Development
  • AI Enabled Data Analytics

Custom Electro-Optics Systems

Our expertise in EO systems places us in a unique position to provide custom solutions such as:

  • Space Grade ElectroOptics
  • Automotive Electro Optics Systems
  • Machine Vision based EO Systems