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Optimized Electrotech Private Limited

Detection, Identification and Recognition of targets are more important in today’s environment than ever before. Ensuring that our home ground is secure while making sure that every target is classified as friend or foe is utmost important. Be it at the Border of a Country or Perimeter of your Critical Asset, a watchful eye prevents many a casualties.

Different parts of Electromagnetic Spectrum provide different insights into an image. Optimized Electrotech works from 400 nm to 12μ range and provides Image Analysis for different applications ranging from Border Security to Machine Vision for IoT products.

Electromagnetic Spectrum


Visible light gives reflection that has the highest contrast and captures details in every dimension. Reflection of this spectrum of light 400nm to 700 nm from any object can be captured on our VISNIR systems. Identification of Targets is the more accurate in these systems, compared to Thermal imaging systems.

Coupled with Near Infrared region between 700 nm and 1400nm, these systems have ability to classify objects in haze helping to see clearly at Airports and every such location where Fog limits visible distance.

This dual spectrum system helps the user:

  • To see a natural light picture during daylight
  • To see a natural light picture during dawn, dusk and low-light conditions
  • To see through Haze and Fog
  • To see under Night Glow

Imaging Techniques are finding newer uses everyday thanks to increase in awareness which leads to more usage which reduces the cost of detectors further increasing acceptability.


SWIR systems work in the Reflected Infrared range. SWIR is similar to visible light, where photons are reflected or absorbed by an object, providing the strong contrast needed for high-resolution imaging. Our image recognition techniques help a Target to be identified in pitch dark night. Working in active range of 0.7μ to 2.5μ including NIR, these systems help in Identification under Covert illumination.

SWIR systems help the user:

  • To illuminate covertly
  • To add another perspective to Visible light image
  • To discover another dimension of characteristics of objects
  • To make Chemical Analysis
  • To do Material inspection
  • To see through Fog, Mist and Rain