Anti Drone Surveillance

With advanced cameras and robust sensors, drones can fetch vital information that could aid in many applications. However, unmonitored drones can lead to mishaps, wherein Anti Drone Surveillance comes into the picture.

Unmanned Aerial Systems

UAS or Drones are leveraged for threat analysis and are swiftly climbing the threat charts globally. Furthermore, Drones are becoming the next explosive mule for terror outfits and are also used in counterintelligence by the enemy posing a threat to any nation’s security and integrity.

Recent attacks on Saudi Aramco or the Drone threat on Air Force One, such threats need to be handled effectively. UASs are a threat to Aerial traffic, critical infrastructure, International Borders, Defence Installations, Private industries, and a surveillance leak for all.

Counter Drone Measures

With the onslaught of drone attacks and unwanted snooping, several counter measures are accessible. There are advanced techniques and individual systems, but they come with their own set of limitations and are effective only to a certain extent. These include.

  • 01Leveraging All Band Monitoring

    All band monitoring explicitly monitors and track frequencies to check if a transmitting drone is in the defined area and alert the stakeholders.

  • 02Use of Advanced Radars

    Radar is an efficient way to pick up looming drones in defined regions. Also, countering enemy Drones with friendly advanced Drones is effective.

  • 03Modern-day Counter Enemy Drones

    There is R&D going on towards directed EMP to counter enemy drones. However, the readiness for an all-inclusive solution is still a challenge.

Our Solution

Coherent Solution Needed

Optimized Electrotech brings multiple advanced Anti Drone surveillance systems, platforms and solutions. Our long-range surveillance systems detect and track small objects from a considerable distance. They are integrated with jamming systems, mini-SAMs, or even the rudimentary AAAs and can efficiently neutralise any drone.

Integration of Long-Range Surveillance with a powerful AI with any anti drone system enhances the solution’s efficacy, hence reducing the vulnerability of any installation.

The threat of drones really hits the fan with a swarm of drones. However, our platforms can detect multiple objects and use this information to initiate precise counter measures linked to the involved systems.

Our Blog

Drone Neutralizing Crazy Techs

Drones are technically unmanned vehicles or we can say simply a flying robot that flies autonomously with relatively little control by a human on the ground through software that is programmed using techniques of embedded systems in conjunction with the onboard sensors and Global Positioning System (GPS).

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Our customised products and systems meet the demands of the existing industry and the marketplace requirements. We enable our clients with Anti Drone Surveillance solutions and timely deliver their projects.

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