Public transportation caters to and comprises a variety of transit options such as buses, trucks, ships and railways. These services are accessible to the general public and are a connecting point for people.

Why Transportation Security?

India’s road network is the second-biggest and one of the busiest across the globe. The road transport passengers amounted to more than 22.6 trillion passengers per kilometre across India. On similar grounds, the Indian rail network is the fourth-biggest, which transports 8.09 billion passengers and 1.20 billion tonnes of freight yearly.

With such an immense number of people and freight involved, all modes of transportation are measured as special targets for illegal, terrorist, and criminal activities.

Transportation Security Aspects

Transportation security assists in preventing possible threats, detect hazardous scenarios and spot unsolicited people travelling. If transportation security flourishes, then the possibilities of any dangerous situation, movement of illegal items, or terror threats can be critically minimized.


Challenges in Security Surveillance across Transportation Industry

Crowd Monitoring

The different modes of transportation like buses, railways or ships and their onboarding points are large areas filled with crowds. So, people monitoring and tracking is crucial for timely detection of threats and making sure safety measures. These threats include attacks on crowd and transportation of illegitimate goods, which needs swift alerts through modern security systems.

Assisted Guidance

Even transportation vehicles face visibility issues in bad weather or low light scenarios. They require advanced systems for better situational awareness and to avoid probable accidents or threats. However, in the current scenario, most public and private vehicles utilize manual systems with outdated connectivity and visibility.

Critical Security Surveillance Solutions by Optimized Electrotech

At Optimized Electrotech, we provide people monitoring and operational surveillance solutions to safeguard crowds and diverse modes of transportation.

Our Solutions for Transporation

From Crowd monitoring to Assisted guidance all the way to Vehicle monitoring, our platforms can solve all.




Key Benefits of Our Surveillance Products and Solutions


Secure Transportation Operations

Our security products and solutions enable continuity of land, air, and sea operations by precisely detecting threats.


Facilitate Transportation in Difficult Conditions

They enhance transportation management and ensure visibility even in harsh conditions for better operations and safety of vehicles.


Enable Transportation with Protection

They secure transportation vehicles from the travel of unlawful people and movement of weapons and drugs.

Our customized products and solutions meet the critical infrastructure threat mitigations and regulatory necessities. They help in keeping professionals, staff, and common people safeguarded with explicit communications.

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