People & Vehicle Monitoring

Monitoring of vehicles and tracking movements of people in crowded places is absolutely the need of the hour, and it helps to stay ahead of threats to safeguard our day-to-day lives.

360 Surveillance is the need

Terrorists and criminals have carried out attacks using vehicles in different parts of the world. Bombers and crime shooters are a constant threat in the modern era of terror. Also, modern suicide bombing and suicide attacks are the techniques that gained much attention across the globe.

The precise requirements to monitor vehicles and people in crowded places is unquestionably. The systems that can spot, recognize and track vehicle ids, and systems that can distinguish, identify and recognize people faces is a solution that can secure the lives of people.

CCTVs and more CCTVs

Governments across the globe have built intricate webs of cameras across major cities to track and monitor any activity. Today traffic cameras, building cameras, Body cams, and many more advanced cameras adorn city infrastructures.

  • 01Post Event Activity Tracker

    CCTVs, nevertheless a very resourceful system to track and monitor activities, is more or less a post-event activity tracker.

  • 02Rudimentary Cameras

    Rudimentary cameras are unequipped with the modern-day technology needed; they are merely useful in letting one know how the attack happened.

  • 03Modern Surveillance Solutions

    Dynamic surveillance solutions are needed that can alert authorities regarding illegitimate vehicles or doubtful people to thwart attacks or suspend a massive tragedy.

Our Solution

Ever Evolving AI

Our surveillance platforms are state of the art hardware and software. The software employed uses an advanced AI, which can precisely analyze diverse patterns and follow numerous algorithms to keep a post for threats. The platforms have a rich functionality of facial recognition in real-time, which is useful in tracking and monitoring people against a set database.

These databases are regularly updated, and numerous libraries can be added to ensure the system remains ahead of the curve. Long Range competencies make our platforms the flawless system to make sure no tagged vehicle can ever come into your area of surveillance without systematic scrutiny.

Our Products

Optimized Electrotech comes with an inclusive range of products that facilitate comprehensive People and Vehicle monitoring applications.

Our bespoke products and systems meet all the needs of the industry and the marketplace demands. We facilitate our varied clientele with people & vehicle monitoring solutions and provide timely project deliveries.

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