WolfSight is a specialized Long Range Thermal & Day Sight attachment indigenously designed to enhance target acquisition and increases first-hit capability by providing high-quality images to detect, recognize, and identify the targets fitting the client’s requirements.

WolfSight is a ruggedized weapon sight product customized for individual infantry units leveraged as a Long Range thermal and day sight attachment.

The excellent thermal capability enables WolfSight to be an incredible tool to be used in night conditions. It also increases the target discrimination rates for the infantry unit and other tactical battlefield scenarios.

WolfSight is a revolutionizing target acquisition product, improving first-hit competencies with the ability to craft superior quality images swiftly and accurately for finding, recognizing, and spotting the desired targets.


Product Features

Automatic-People-Recognition-white Automatic-People-Recognition


The product can detect a group of 3 human targets walking during the day time at a distance of 2000 meters and a group of 3 human targets walking at night time at 1800 meters.

Automatic-People-Recognition-white Automatic-People-Recognition


The product can recognize a group of 3 human targets standing during day time at a distance of 1800 meters and a group of 3 human targets standing during night time at 1200 meters.

Automatic-People-Recognition-white Automatic-People-Recognition


The product can identify a group of 3 human targets standing during the night time at a distance of 1000 meters.

Our Applications

Optimized Electrotech delivers varied products and solutions for enhanced visibility across varied applications. The key users of WolfSight product include International Border Forces, Paramilitary Forces, Army, Correctional Institutions, and Industry Plants.

  • Border Surveillance

    Border Surveillance

    24X7 365 days Automated Surveillance Platforms for various terrain conditions.

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  • Weapon Sights

    Weapon Sights

    State of the Art weapon sights that provide precise target location and assist in target elimination.

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Product Specifications

Our adapted products meet the demands of specialized industry domains, sectors and fulfill regulatory necessities. We enable our clients with higher quality products, solutions and make accessible unified project deliveries.

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