Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure includes both government and public facilities. It includes government buildings, important administrative premises, financial, chemical, communication, defence, emergency, healthcare, energy and public infrastructures.

Why Critical Infrastructure Security?

Critical infrastructures are considered vital to any country, and their destruction can have a devastating effect on national economic security, public health and safety, or any grouping thereof. Furthermore, they are considered unique targets for unlawful, terrorist, and illegitimate activities.

Critical Infrastructure Security Aspects

Critical infrastructure security provides assistance to prevent possible threats, sense dangerous scenarios and detect unofficial people and the crowd from entering the premises. If critical infrastructure security is handled precisely, then the possibilities of any unsafe situation, criminal actions, or terror threats inflowing a critical infrastructure can be significantly reduced.


Challenges in Security Surveillance across Transportation Industry

Large Perimeters

Perimeter surveillance includes ground surveillance, monitoring and tracking critical infrastructure aspects. However, these actions need surveillance of wide-ranging areas through advanced and dedicated systems.

Threat Detection and Assessment

As critical infrastructures are large areas filled with important officials and crowds, people monitoring and tracking across these areas is crucial for timely detection of threats and safeguarding security measures.

Critical Safety

These threats include attacks on critical infrastructures, which necessitate rapid alerts and notifications through cutting-edge security systems.

Limited Surveillance

Conventional security systems have their own limitations. They are human-machine systems that use traditional alert and connectivity systems for communication.

Critical Security Surveillance Solutions by Optimized Electrotech

At Optimized Electrotech, we provide perimeter surveillance, people and crowd monitoring solutions to safeguard critical infrastructures.

Our Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

Our platforms can assist in Critical Infrastructure protection by securing perimeters and establish state-of-the-art access control systems.





Key Benefits of Our Surveillance Products and Solutions


Enable Operations with Safety

Our security products and solutions enable the continuity of critical infrastructure operations by quickly detecting probable threats.


Secure and Safeguard Infrastructures

They secure infrastructures from the illegal entry or movement of drugs, weapons, unwanted people and criminals.


Alerts and Notifications to take Rapid Actions

They enable swift notifications and alerts to communicate risky scenarios so that security teams can take rapid actions.

Our customized products and solutions meet the critical infrastructure threat mitigations and regulatory necessities. They help in keeping professionals, staff, and common people safeguarded with explicit communications.

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