Cat Eye

CatEye is an inclusive and human intervention surveillance system that can assist you to keep an eye on intruders or malicious activities 24*7 and spot intervention of people both day and night.

CatEye is a surveillance product with an extensive field of vision for improved observation, and it activates on detection of motion generating notifications to alert concerned professionals.

Traditional sensor cameras have a risk of creating false alerts and notifications for object detection. With the assistance of our inbuilt AI processing, our surveillance solutions explicitly identify humans as intruder objects and trigger alerts.

CatEye captures images and pictures in the form of activated signals and then sends the triggers to our long-range surveillance systems for precisely capturing images of those particular objects. By this functionality, the annoyance of using n number of cameras is trimmed down to a lesser number of cameras. Also, our detection system will identify and detect the objects in each direction and then direct our long-range surveillance systems to trace and capture applicable images.


Product Features

Automatic-People-Recognition-white Automatic-People-Recognition

Perimeter Intrusion Detection

The CatEye product assists in identifying and detecting people intervention in both day and night conditions.

Automatic-People-Recognition-white Automatic-People-Recognition

Wide Filed of View

The authentic human intervention surveillance product offers a wider field of vision for enhanced observations.

Automatic-People-Recognition-white Automatic-People-Recognition

Motion Detection and Activation on Motion Detection

The product activates with motion detection of objects generating alerts and notifications to signal concerned professionals.

Our Applications

Optimized Electrotech provides products and solutions for greater visibility across applications, including Port Surveillance, Aircraft Tracking, Airport Security, Perimeter Security, Militant Insurgency Prevention, Vessel, and Vehicle Identification.

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    Artificial Intelligence based Suite of products to guard perimeter without human intervention.

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    Border Surveillance

    24X7 365 days Automated Surveillance Platforms for various terrain conditions.

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Product Specifications

Our customized products meet the demands of various industries and fulfill regulatory necessities. We enable our client base with superior quality products and provide unified project deliveries.

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