Noct Vision

Noct Vision is a long-range surveillance product used to detect threats in visible light, night conditions & enables zero light imaging. It applies Long Wave IR manipulation, Thermal (TIR) Imaging cameras, and Visible (VIS) light spectrum technologies.

NoctVision is a ruggedized Electro-Optic Surveillance System for Long Range Day and Night Surveillance & for other mission-critical situations.

The system provides high contrast images for post-processing and analyzing with its 24 x 7 surveillance capabilities. Its thermal capabilities allow it to capture images even in zero light conditions. Based on the light conditions, the system automatically switches between Visible color streaming and thermal streaming. Highly restricted facilities, such as International Borders, Paramilitary forces, Army, correctional institutions, and industrial plants, can monitor their perimeters day and night with the aid of NoctVision.

The use of high-sensitivity thermal detectors can spot even the slightest faults along the perimeter and provide authorities with an opportunity to take preventive action. Long Range Colored feed, Camouflaging, and Zero Light Imaging capabilities make this device a befitting solution for surveillance of Critical infrastructures, Border Security and Coastal Surveillance.


Product Features

Automatic-People-Recognition-white Automatic-People-Recognition

Face Recognition

The product triggers on an event basis and recognizes people with face recognition. The functionality doesn’t require any manual intervention.

Automatic-People-Recognition-white Automatic-People-Recognition

Auto Focus

The focal length of the product offers you an auto focus feature for close-up picture of people and vehicles from afar.

Automatic-People-Recognition-white Automatic-People-Recognition

Object Detection and Tracking

Detect, track, notify and alert based on detection of motion of any object or vehicles from farther distance.

Our Applications

Optimized Electrotech provides products and solutions for greater visibility across applications, including Port Surveillance, Aircraft Tracking, Airport Security, Perimeter Security, Militant Insurgency Prevention, Vessel, and Vehicle Identification.

  • Perimeter Surveillance

    Perimeter Surveillance

    Artificial Intelligence based Suite of products to guard perimeter without human intervention.

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  • Anti-Drone


    Clear the skies with Long Range Surveillance platforms capable of recognizing, identifying & tracking even small drones/UAVs.

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  • Border Surveillance

    Border Surveillance

    24X7 365 days Automated Surveillance Platforms for various terrain conditions.

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  • Vehicle Mounted Surveillance

    Vehicle Mounted Surveillance

    Mobile Surveillance for on patrol vehicles, aircrafts or vessels with Long Range and all climate conditions.

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Product Specifications

Our customized products meet the demands of various industries and fulfill regulatory necessities. We enable our client base with superior quality products and provide unified project deliveries.

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