Partnership Programs

In existing counter-drone space, partnerships are a key to long-term success. Together with our global partners, we can provide comprehensive solutions to enable our customers’ exclusive and unique requirements.

Our Partnership Programs

In existing counter-drone space, partnerships are a key to long-term success. Strong partnerships are at the core of Optimized Electrotech’s accomplishments in providing diverse defence technology solutions.

We collaborate with our global partners and provide comprehensive solutions to our customers. We are looking for new collaborative partnership opportunities to back our strategic objectives and build engagement mechanisms to further enable and improve current business relationships.

The key aim is to make agile approaches to collaborate, yielding mutual benefits to all involved company partners and stakeholders.

At Optimized Electrotech’s, our teams have a track record of successfully providing a wide range of defence projects. Furthermore, our domain specialization enables us to deliver innovative solutions that reinforce and complement defence operations precisely.


Innovative Partnerships and Collaboration Models

We are looking for different offset partnerships, including strategic partnership models, distribution channels, and technology partnerships.

Our strategic partnership model will foresee long-term partnerships with worldwide companies through an entirely transparent business process in the defence sector.

We will set up new sales channels and partners to boost sales opportunities in the distribution channel partnership model. Our channel partners will assist the market and resell our solutions in their corresponding domains. They will benefit from our marketing, product delivery and sales divisions.

In technology partnerships, we will seek technology transfers to enable the manufacturing of defence products and solutions. By mutual collaboration, pioneering technologies will be shaped and innovatively re-introduced in the diverse defence markets.

Our customized products and solutions support homeland security teams in identifying possible threats, risk mitigations, and fulfilling regulatory necessities. They help in keeping lands, citizens, airports, aircraft and critical infrastructure safeguarded with precise communications.

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