Aerospace manufacturers build aircraft, UAVs, and specialized drones, which different industries utilize for individual or corporate flying, commercial transports, and emergency responses.

Why Aerospace Manufacturing Sector?

Because of advanced technological and massive financial demands, the number of manufacturers in the aerospace industry has turned increasingly restricted. However, the average size of aerospace organizations has grown up by mergers or acquisitions. So, this is a core area to bring industry improvements and enable cutting-edge and cost-effective technologies.

Aerospace Manufacturing Aspects

Aerospace manufacturers can be enabled by utilizing electro-optic systems for independent surveillance and telemetric guidance to track threats of accidents or operating in severe conditions.

The independent surveillance systems work by mounting them on the aerospace vehicles like drones and UAVs. On the other hand, electro-optic guidance systems can be made inherent to aerospace vehicles like aircraft. So, aircraft can see even in fogs and clouds and be well operated by supervision and guidance to avoid mishaps.


Challenges Faced by Aerospace Manufacturers

Lack of Support

There are few security surveillance product vendors who follow the methodologies of Make in India and can inclusively customize products under one roof. These vendors need to be cost-effective and work as a strategic partner to Aerospace manufacturers.

High Quality Integrated Systems

These products and solutions need to be of superior quality, integrated with the aerospace manufacturers’ present systems. They have to be compliant to fit in the specific applications to meet the anticipated outcomes. Also, for developing such advanced products and solutions, you need to have a state-of-the-art infrastructure with highly expertized in-house resources and modern-day technology tools.

Critical Security Surveillance Solutions by Optimized Electrotech

We provide surveillance products and solutions encompassing two types of surveillance systems: independent surveillance and electro-optic guidance systems to empower aerospace manufacturers.

Our Solutions for Aerospace

High precision and accuracy platforms that enable long range guidance systems.




Key Benefits of Our Surveillance Products and Solutions


Build Adapted and Cost-efficient Solutions

We prefer to build adapted, all-inclusive solutions based on the customer’s requirements, scope and enable cost-efficient systems.


Empower Operations in Difficult Scenarios

Our products make sure mobility and visibility of aircraft even in harsh conditions, improving the ongoing operations and security.


Work as a Strategic Partner with Aerospace Manufacturers

We team up with aerospace manufacturers as their strategic partners and provide quality products within their decided budget and time.

Our customized products and solutions meet the critical infrastructure threat mitigations and regulatory necessities. They help in keeping professionals, staff, and common people safeguarded with explicit communications.

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