Multi-Spectral Ultra Long Range Surveillance System

Multi-Spectral Ultra is a long-range surveillance system indigenously designed to detect threats hidden in all weather and all light conditions with close-up pictures of people and vehicles from afar.

Multi-Spectral is a ruggedized Surveillance system for Long Range Surveillance in all weather and light conditions.

Multi-Spectral Ultra Long Range Surveillance System provides high contrast images for post-processing and evaluating 24X7 365 days of the year. Its thermal competencies enable it to capture pictures even in zero light conditions, facilitating a 24-hour operation. The added SWIR and MWIR detectors make this system the most comprehensive solution for all Long-Range Imaging applications. The system automatedly regulates image processing to receive VIS-NIR, Thermal, SWIR, or MWIR images based on the varying light or weather conditions.

Highly restricted facilities, like correctional institutions or industrial plants, can track their perimeters during all seasons with the aid of the product. The use of high sensitivity detectors can detect even the tiniest faults across the border and offer authorities an opening to take pre-emptive action. Long-range Identification and Narrow Field of View make the product an outstanding tool for observing cross-border traffic and critical infrastructure surveillance.


Product Features

Automatic-People-Recognition-white Automatic-People-Recognition

Camouflaging Foliage Detection

The product detects threats hidden in all weather and all light conditions recognizing objects right at the spot without any human intervention.

Automatic-People-Recognition-white Automatic-People-Recognition

High Focal Length

The 1600 mm focal length of the product offers you a close-up picture of people and vehicles at a far distance.

Automatic-People-Recognition-white Automatic-People-Recognition

Automatic Motion Detection

Detect, notify and alert based on detection of motion of any person from 5 km or vehicles from a farther distance.

Our Applications

Optimized Electrotech provides products and solutions for greater visibility across applications, including Port Surveillance, Aircraft Tracking, Airport Security, Perimeter Security, Militant Insurgency Prevention, Vessel, and Vehicle Identification.

    Product Specifications

    Our customized products meet the demands of various industries and fulfill regulatory necessities. We enable our client base with superior quality products and provide unified project deliveries.

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