Space & Aerial Surveillance

The blend of Space and Aerial Surveillance with modern technologies further enables inclusive monitoring & tracking by drones, unmanned space aircraft, and human-piloted surveillance planes.

Observational Area is Magnified

Aerial Surveillance has progressed significantly in the past century, it also surfaced the way for Space Surveillance. Be it the Predator drones that led to the transformation of the character of international conflict or the network of satellites owned by multiple countries that offer the real time updates on troop movement.

On the civil front, Aerial Surveillance is the decisive tool for Search & Rescue operations in tough terrain. Also, it is an effective technique utilized in wildlife protection and conservation. Space Surveillance has made daily life easy, from satellite navigation to exploration to planning and management, all have been made remarkably simpler by Aerial & Space Surveillance.

Busy Skies with Drones & Satellites

Drones and Satellites with onboard electrical systems are being used extensively for Aerial & Space Surveillance.

  • 01Leveraging GPS

    GPS is one of the biggest examples of how important Space Surveillance can be and how it affects everyone.

  • 02Satellite Imaging

    Satellite imagery illustrates the Earth’s surface at numerous spectral, temporal, radiometric, and progressively spatial resolutions.

  • 03Modern-day Systems

    Visible Spectrum Cameras, LIDAR systems, RADAR systems & Infrared sensors have adorned drones and satellites to execute Aerial Reconnaissance missions.

Our Solution

What we bring to the foray!

Optimized Electrotech has an extensive portfolio of products and platforms that use the information from diverse sections of the Electro Magnetic spectrum to accomplish the desired result, and as such, our platforms are a real measure for manifold weather conditions, varied & tough terrains and varying light conditions as well.

Our platforms can be an integrated, all-inclusive solution for numerous applications and end results, eventually resulting in lesser systems required, which later lessens the payload capacities needed by a drone or a satellite. A more compact and lighter payload means an even more efficient drone flight or satellite observation.

Our platforms, with their built-in Artificial Intelligence and Edge analytics, make sure an overall boosted effectiveness of the system. Functionalities like foliage penetration and the ability to survey in the middle of the night make our platform stand apart from conventional surveillance equipment.

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CCTV vs RelEye

Mentioning the most common surveillance device the CCTV is an efficient way to monitor your property 24*7 because of its embedded features such as day and night vision monitoring along with facial recognition.

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Our tailored products and systems meet the requirements of the present industry and the marketplace demands. We enable our clients with Space & Aerial Surveillance solutions and timely deliver their projects.

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