Infi Vision

InfiVISION is a long-range surveillance product indigenously designed for low footprint applications in visible light. It delivers clear images in dawn, dusk, and moonlight and optimally fits the client's requirements.

InfiVISION is a ruggedized Electro-Optic Surveillance System for Long Range Surveillance and other mission-critical situations.

The system provides high-contrast images for interpretation and analysis from daybreak to nightfall. It adapts and adjusts to varying light conditions to offer crisp images even in Low Light conditions.

The InfiVISION product comes with Near Infra-Red Manipulation Detectors. The Friend or Foe detection functionality facilitates military and civilian homeland security systems to cue InfiVISION – 1 from the command system. The system further identifies people and vehicles, determining their bearing. Long-range identification and narrow field of view make InfiVISION – 1 a precise tool for observing cross-border traffic and enabling critical infrastructure surveillance.


Product Features

Automatic-People-Recognition-white Automatic-People-Recognition

Automatic People Recognition

The product triggers on an event basis and recognizes people at a spot. Get bearing information directly with no human or manual intervention.

Automatic-People-Recognition-white Automatic-People-Recognition

Motion Detection

The product automatically detects and alerts based on the detection of motion of any person from 5 km or vehicles from a farther distance.

Automatic-People-Recognition-white Automatic-People-Recognition

HD Video Capture

The product records full-frame high-definition video for extended hours and, with 1300 mm focal length, offers you a close-up picture of people and vehicles from afar.

Our Applications

Optimized Electrotech provides products and solutions for greater visibility across applications, including Port Surveillance, Aircraft Tracking, Airport Security, Perimeter Security, Militant Insurgency Prevention, Vessel, and Vehicle Identification.

  • Perimeter Surveillance

    Perimeter Surveillance

    Artificial Intelligence based Suite of products to guard perimeter without human intervention.

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  • People & Vehicle Monitoring

    People & Vehicle Monitoring

    Automatic detection recognition and tracking of suspect people and unauthorized vehicles.

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  • Border Surveillance

    Border Surveillance

    24X7 365 days Automated Surveillance Platforms for various terrain conditions.

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  • Vehicle Mounted Surveillance

    Vehicle Mounted Surveillance

    Mobile Surveillance for on patrol vehicles, aircrafts or vessels with Long Range and all climate conditions.

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Product Specifications

Our adapted products meet the demands of specialized industries and fulfill regulatory necessities. We enable our clients with higher quality products and make available unified project deliveries.

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