Vehicle Mounted Surveillance

Mobile and vehicle mounted surveillance solutions blend modern systems for a fast-moving world, immensely used in target acquisition and guidance, war machines, and a surveyed terrain for advancing troops.

The only constant is change

Locations change, geographies change, weather changes, yet the requirement for surveillance stays the same. A mobile surveillance platform facilitates the user to survey an extensive range and set up remote surveillance operations at a moment’s notice. Vehicle-mounted surveillance also enables the user to survey foreign territories through unmanned vehicles.

Mounted surveillance can play a significant role at war fronts and ensure a surveyed terrain. Even in target acquisition and guidance, war machines with mounted surveillance have better precision and proficiency.

Lights! Sound! Action!

The most primitive form of mounted surveillance can still be seen on top of vintage ships, the core mast that possessed a structure known as “The Nest” for a lookout, depending heavily on human intelligence and surveillance using merely a handheld telescope.

  • 01The invention of Sonar and Radar

    Sonar brought a transformation in mounted surveillance preferences for seafaring vessels, and a similar revolution was seen in terrestrial and aerial vehicles when Radar was introduced.

  • 02Modern Warfare and Security Solutions

    Modern-day warfare and security solutions are more multifaceted, with several advanced technologies working in sync to provide precise and accurate outcomes.

  • 03Target Identification Systems

    Electro Optics, with its exclusive capabilities of superior target identification, plays a vital role in vehicle-mounted surveillance solutions.

Our Solution

Homerun of Solutions

Optimized Electrotech has built surveillance platforms that possess the abilities needed as per terrain or climate conditions, and all these platforms can be easily mounted on vehicles and used for explicit mobile surveillance.

Seamless integration and rugged onboard electronics & optical ensure that our platforms have the most optimized performance. Long Range Surveillance, 24X7 operation, Deep Learning & and intelligence AI make our platforms perfect equipment for aerial, naval or terrestrial vehicles.

These products can be mounted on aircraft, ships and ground vehicles for surveillance and serve the objective of primary target detection. Seamless integration with other technology devices like radar improves the system’s competencies.

Our Product

Optimized Electrotech comes with a varied range of products that are easy to fit in and craft required solutions to aid vehicle-mounted surveillance applications.

Our Blog

AWACS with Long Range Optical Surveillance

The Airborne warning and control systems are radar-based spy planes used to detect long-range aircraft, ships, and vehicles. A surveillance system that is not only limited to monitor a terrorist emergency but replaces conventional ground-based surveillance to track low-flying aircraft beyond the Earth’s curvature.

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Our adapted products and systems meet all the demands of the industry and the marketplace requirements. We empower our varied clientele with vehicle mounted surveillance solutions and provide timely project deliveries.

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