An airport not only caters to an aviation community but even other more extensive systems. It works as an economic engine, an emergency service provider and is a common connecting point for people and goods.

Why Airport Security?

Passenger traffic mounted to 115+ million at airports across India in 2021, out of which 10+ million were global passengers.

With such an immense number of people arriving and departing, both passenger and cargo airports are considered unique targets for illegal, terrorist, and criminal activities.

Airport Security Aspects

Airport security helps prevent probable threats, detect dangerous scenarios and spot unwanted people from entering a territory. If airport security thrives, then the likelihoods of any hazardous situation, unlawful items, or terror threats entering an airport or aircraft can be critically reduced.


Challenges in Security Surveillance across Airports and Aircrafts

Perimeter Surveillance

Perimeter surveillance includes ground surveillance, monitoring boundary and tracking critical infrastructure aspects at airports. However, this requires surveillance and patrolling of extensive areas through specialized systems.

Crowd Monitoring

As airports are large areas filled with crowds, people monitoring and tracking at airports is critical for timely identification of threats and ensuring safety measures. These threats include aircraft hijacks and attacks on airports, which require quick alerts through advanced security systems.

Smart ATC Control

The ATC controllers monitor and control the aircraft traffic, and they track the arrival and departure of aircraft through radars. However, air traffic control systems have their own limitations. They are human-machine systems that are partially manual and use conventional radio connectivity systems for communication.

Critical Security Surveillance Solutions by Optimized Electrotech

At Optimized Electrotech, we provide perimeter surveillance, people monitoring, and aircraft traffic monitoring solutions to safeguard airports.

Our Solutions for Airports

Our Long Range system protect the airfield and airways; while our close range platforms efficiently monitor and manage the crowd.






Key Benefits of Our Surveillance Products and Solutions


Enable Airport Operations with Safety

Our security products and solutions enable continuity of airport operations by swiftly detecting threats.


Improve Air Traffic with Security

They enhance air traffic flow management and quickly analyse critical situations for Aircraft safety and security.


Secure and Safeguard Borders

They secure borders from the unlawful travel or movement of drugs, weapons, contraband, and people.

Our customized products and solutions meet the critical infrastructure threat mitigations and regulatory necessities. They help in keeping professionals, staff, and common people safeguarded with explicit communications.

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