Defence manufacturers build ground vehicles, aircraft, seafaring vessels, artillery systems, and mounted guns, which the defence industry uses to ensure security measures.

Why Defence Manufacturing Sector?

With the growing requirements and increasing demands of armoured vehicles, the government of India has considered this a core area across the defence sector to bring swift enhancements and promote the message of self-reliant India.

Defence Manufacturing Aspects

Electro-optic systems can better assist Defence manufacturers for independent surveillance and telemetric guidance to monitor threats, track enemy contacts and protect significant assets.

The independent surveillance systems work by mounting it on the defence vehicles, and electro-optic guidance systems can be made in-built to these vehicles. So, these defence vehicles can see even in clouds, fogs and can be operated by guidance or enabled by mounting systems.


Key Challenges faced by Defence Manufacturers

Lack of Support

There are few security surveillance product vendors who follow the practices of Make in India and can comprehensively customize products under one roof and work as a strategic partner to defence manufacturers.

Integrated Systems

These products and solutions require to be explicitly integrated with the current systems of the defence manufacturers and have to be compliant to fit in the precise applications to meet the proposed purposes. Also, for crafting such products and solutions, you necessitate state of the art infrastructure with internal resources and the use of indigenous technology.

Critical Security Surveillance Solutions by Optimized Electrotech

We provide surveillance products and solutions, which comprises two types of surveillance systems: independent surveillance systems and electro-optic guidance systems to enable defence vehicle manufacturers.

Our Solutions for Defence

Our platforms can be integrated with almost any system using multiple types of communication protocols.





Key Benefits of Our Surveillance Products and Solutions


Build Customized and Comprehensive Solutions

We prefer to custom-build comprehensive and inclusive systems based right on the customer’s specifications and build cost-effective solutions.


Enable Operations in Tough Conditions

Our products ensure mobility and visibility of defence vehicles even in harsh conditions for enhancing operations and safety of vehicles.


Work as a Strategic Partner with Defence Manufacturers

We collaborate with defence vehicle manufacturers as their strategic partners and deliver quality security products and solutions on a timely basis.

Our customized products and solutions meet the critical infrastructure threat mitigations and regulatory necessities. They help in keeping professionals, staff, and common people safeguarded with explicit communications.

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