Perimeter Surveillance

Advanced perimeter surveillance systems are optimized for threat detection and recognition, and they automatedly protect the borders of the world, local and international bases.

Threat is Imminent

Borders and perimeters are required to be safeguarded closely to make sure people and infrastructure inside improve and sustain. They need to be monitored, tracked, and maintained with consistency and accuracy that further determine the efficacy of a perimeter surveillance system.

Operative fencing, smart perimeters, and threat tracking are part of the security-based infrastructure. However, perimeter surveillance is vital not just for international borders but is significant even for asset protection. Government and Private installations in Homeland are inclined to sabotage both external and internal threats and hence require to be secured against unlawful access.

Sensors Galore!

Perimeter Surveillance has been executed since the foremost time fences were placed. However, it has progressed significantly since then, even if the fence has more or less persisted the same.

  • 01Sentry Outposts

    Sentry outposts at some distance were used to be the go-to method and is still being extensively applied across the world in different ways.

  • 02CCTVs

    The first advanced perimeter systems entailed of CCTVs at consistent intervals. A blend of CCTV with sensors forms superior perimeter surveillance systems.

  • 03Modern-day Systems

    Multiple electronic sensors comprised of vibration sensors and advanced motion sensors sense any or all motion near the fence to notify of looming threats.

Our Solution

Optical is the way to Go!

Our Surveillance platform focus on Optical solutions with Edge Analytics facilitated Artificial Intelligence (AI), making it the most modern perimeter security system accessible across the globe. Our platforms offer continuous vigilance all day, 365 days of the year, using a range of optical solutions comprising thermal and near-infrared sensors.

The AI is programmed to be tailored and will alert you of any forthcoming threat to the perimeter. These platforms can be integrated and unified into the present systems impeccably, further making the transition that much simpler. Our integrated solutions are the subsequent big step in Perimeter Surveillance and Intruder detection system.

Our Product

Optimized Electrotech comes with a wide range of products that enable Perimeter Surveillance applications. Our products for perimeter surveillance come as both long-range and close-range solutions.

Our customised products and systems meet all the needs of the industry and the marketplace demands. We empower our clients with perimeter surveillance solutions and provide timely project deliveries.

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