Border Surveillance

Securing borders is the first line of Defense for any nation. Guarding against unlawful immigration, trafficking & terrorism requires long-range threat detection and identification of probable threats in all scenarios.

Borders are Sacrosanct!

Borders have both instrumental and symbolic functions. The instrumental functions of global boundaries are to mark the place on the ground where one sovereignty comes to an end and the other initiates.

A border even includes the explicit identification of a community by the interaction of its members with diverse communities against which it is precisely distinguished or desires to distinguish.

As such, maintaining the integrity and sanctity of that border is of paramount significance. There are multiple safety concerns in a terrestrial border, such as insurgency by terror outfits, infiltration by unwanted & unwarranted refugees, attacks by bordering nations, and unlawful trade activities as well. It is the job of the nation’s army to ensure Border Integrity.

Electrical & Electronics in Modern Era

Currently, there are numerous security operations, which are enabled and are effective to secure international borders. However, these are co-dependent systems and have to be integrable to match needed accuracy levels.

  • 01Multiple operations going in sync

    There are numerous operations going in sync to secure international borders, including CCTVs, PIDS systems, Smart Fencing, Drone Surveillance, Thermal Imaging, and Border Patrolling.

  • 02Check all threats are under surveillance

    Several close-range and long-range solutions have been implemented to ensure that all threats are under surveillance, precisely managed, and in complete control.

  • 03Both blending and accuracy of devices is needed

    These are co-dependent systems, and the accuracy of all systems in place determines the complete efficacy of the outcome. So, combining such advanced devices is effective.

Our Solution

All in One Solution

Optimized Electrotech presents a solution that combines multiple techs all rolled into one comfortable solution that addresses any Border concerns.

Our solutions have visible spectrum Long/Close Range capabilities making them the perfect solution for Daytime surveillance and thermal capabilities for Zero Light Conditions. We enable our platforms to operate in all weather, all-terrain conditions and used along with dumb or smart fences to secure borders.

We also have platforms that can be used as perimeter cameras and the systems have pan and tilt capabilities, enabling a single system to monitor a large border area.

Facial recognition enables our systems to recognise a person from a considerable long-range. Target Tracking, Friend or Foe Identification, Foliage Penetration, haze removal and others are added features to our platforms.

Our Product

Optimized Electrotech comes with a wide range of products that are easy to integrate and craft needed solutions to enable Border Surveillance applications.

Our Blog

Sensitive Borders of the world and the tech they use

It is rightly said that a country without borders is not a country. Borders are an essential tool that separates countries, states, provinces, cities, and towns. The borders we see on a map usually are not as straightforward as they seem. As countries share their borders with one or more county at a time, several complications arise.

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Our customised products and systems meet all the demands of the industry and the marketplace requirements. We enable our clients with border surveillance solutions and provide timely project deliveries.

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