Rel Eye

RelEye is a comprehensive and optimally engineered product aligned to steer efficiency through the newest thermography technology advancements and significantly fits the client's requirements.

RelEye is a single portable product connected with a seamless software platform that can resolve critical applications.

With the inception of increased security procedures at public access locations, an enhanced control system is the need of the hour. Optimized Electrotech brings an optimally engineered product aligned to drive proficiency by latest Thermography technology advancements.

RelEye can assist you analyse your facilities on a real-time basis. An inclusive and connected software platform that displays the future of blended equipment sustenance, tracking, analysis, and precise reporting. It is easier than ever to optimize thermal images, perform analytics, generate swift, bespoke, robust reports, and export images to the format of your preference in the cloud. The product takes pre-emptive maintenance to next level by wirelessly syncing measurements across diverse devices.


Product Features

Automatic-People-Recognition-white Automatic-People-Recognition

Crowd Thermometry

RelEye can scan up to 6 faces at the same time facilitating and precisely enabling crowd monitoring as well as tracking.

Automatic-People-Recognition-white Automatic-People-Recognition

Threat Analysis

With facial recognition and onboard Edge Analytics, RelEye can identify and detect a prospect of threat situations.

Automatic-People-Recognition-white Automatic-People-Recognition

Elevated Temperature Scanning

Temperature scanning with a customizable threshold for raised temperatures to give alerts and notifications makes RelEye intelligent and effortless to use.

Our Applications

Optimized Electrotech provides products and solutions for greater visibility across applications, including Port Surveillance, Aircraft Tracking, Airport Security, Perimeter Security, Militant Insurgency Prevention, Vessel, and Vehicle Identification.

  • Access Control

    Access Control

    AI enabled Face recognition based access control systems with Thermal capabilities.

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  • People & Vehicle Monitoring

    People & Vehicle Monitoring

    Automatic detection recognition and tracking of suspect people and unauthorized vehicles.

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Product Specifications

Our customized products meet the demands of various industries and fulfill regulatory necessities. We enable our client base with superior quality products and provide unified project deliveries.

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