Weapon Systems

Advanced weapon systems need accurate target acquisition and elimination assistance, as a minor slip-up can lead to huge collateral damage, loss of innocent people lives and destruction of infrastructure.

Guidance and Control

Early artillery used to depend on the operator and, more often than not, missed its mark; so the advent of the modern era saw enhanced targeting systems using modern-day electronics and technologies.

An effective targeting system means that the weapon doesn’t depend solely on the operator’s overall judgement and makes sure target elimination.

Also, weapons of war in the current scenario are tools of mass destruction. A slight miscalculation in target identification means massive destruction of property, and an augmented target acquisition and control system means having the slight edge needed.

Iron to Electrical

The modern-day world saw transformations in weapon systems, the use of navigation technology solutions and advanced guidance systems.

  • 01Modern ACOG Sights

    Primitive guns had Iron sights, which were revised upon with telescopic sights to modern ACOG sights, so there have been immense changes in weapon sights.

  • 02Navigation, Electro Optical & Laser Guidance

    The use of radar dominated most of the systems. However, satellite navigation, electro optical systems, and Laser guidance systems have also seen their days.

  • 03Long Range Optical Systems

    Missile systems and sentry guns have seen advanced guidance & control systems. Modern Artillery systems use Long Range Optical Systems within built GPS to ensure target accuracy.

Our Solution

Effective Long Range

Our long-range imaging platforms extend the boundaries of innovation and efficiency by enhanced ranges and improved image quality, making it simpler to identify the target more discerning.

Our platforms have the capacity to operate under adversative weather conditions and restraining light conditions as well making our systems the most practical targeting solutions. Our products can also penetrate light foliage, allowing any weapon system to make sure target identification is not visible to the eye or radar.

Highly advanced AI and edge analytics give our platforms an additional edge as numerous algorithms can assist in improved decision making, inadvertently being the decisive factor between target impairment and collateral damage.

Our Product

Optimized Electrotech comes with a varied range of products that are easy to fit in and craft required solutions to aid weapon systems.

Gun Sights

Gun Sights is indigenously designed night vision mounted weapon sights especially developed for advanced infantry and is utilised for long distance range finding applications for enhanced accuracy levels.

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Our highly enhanced products and systems meet all the demands of the industry and the marketplace requirements. We empower our varied clientele with modern weapon systems and provide timely project deliveries.

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